By: Rebecca Ly

As a sender, there may be times when you need to manage a complex transaction where you do not have all the contact information for all the recipients of an envelope. For example, you may be an insurance carrier who needs a signature from your agent’s customer or an attorney that needs a contract signed by another lawyer’s client. In this situation, you lack the signer’s information, but you can contact a middleman who can add the necessary information to complete the transaction.

This type of situation can be solved by using agent managed envelopes.
Note: Keep in mind that this feature is only available in the Advanced Workflow modules. Check if your account can support this option by contacting your Account Manager.

From the home screen on, start by choosing “Start a New envelope” or “Send” to upload a document.

From here, upload documents to the envelope and start adding recipients normally. When you are ready to add a reviewer, type in the email address and name for the reviewer and click “Add Signer” or “Add CC”.

From the “Action” list, select either “Manage envelope” or “Address recipients”.

These two options will provide your recipient with different capabilities:

With “Manage envelope” capabilities, the reviewer must have a DocuSign account, and can:

  • Review the documents in the envelope
  • Edit the contents of the envelope as if they were using the Advanced Correct feature
  • Type the email, name, and add an optional note for the following recipients

With “Address recipients” capabilities, the reviewer does not need a DocuSign account, and can:

  • Review the documents in the envelope, but cannot make changes
  • Type the email, name, and add an optional note for the following recipients

In this example, we will look at both options.

Once each reviewer has been added, the place holder recipient field appears under the normal recipient fields. By typing in a role name, the recipient will be added under the specific reviewer. This name can be generic or specific.

The order of each place holder recipient can also change according to which reviewer you want the place holder to be under.

The “Email locked’ and “Name locked” checkboxes are also available to prevent further changes if you wish to provide an email and name for the recipient. If these fields are left blank, the Agent can alter the information at any time.

From here, you can add the email, subject, and message, or envelope settings and tags normally.

Once you are satisfied with the envelope, send it out and the reviewers will automatically receive your documents.

A “Manage envelope” reviewer will see a screen similar to the screen below. They will have a chance to edit the envelope as well as review and send.

An “Address recipients” reviewer views a very similar screen without the editing option.

Agent managed envelopes are a great feature for creating specific workflows in a DocuSign envelope without knowing all the recipient contact information. For more information on using agent managed envelopes, view this DocuSign Quick Start Guide. Happy DocuSigning!