Sometimes you might look at radio buttons and check boxes and wonder when they should be used and which option is appropriate for your documents. In this week’s Quick Tip we are clearing the air and showing you exactly when to use check boxes and radio buttons when adding fields to a document. 

Check Boxes VS Radio Buttons: Which one do I use?

Follow these simple tips when deciding whether to use a check box or a radio button in your document. 

  • Use check boxes in situations where a recipient can select one or more options from a list of options. Check boxes can also be used in cases where you just need a simple way to have a recipient select a single option.
  • Use radio buttons in situations where a recipient can only select one option from a list of options.

You can place both check boxes and radio buttons in the same document, but keep in mind that check boxes can be placed individually or in groups, whereas radio buttons should only be placed in groups.

*Note: Depending on how your document is laid out, you might want to use a Drop Down tag instead of a group of radio buttons. See the DocuSign Tag Information section for more information about Drop Down tags and other tags.

Example: Just for clarification, here is an example of Check Box & Radio Button usage.

In the above picture example, the recipient has received a document that incorporates both Check Boxes and Radio Buttons.  In Section C, the recipient is only allowed to check one box, while in Section D multiple boxes can be checked.

When using the form in DocuSign:

  • For section C, you would add a group of two radio buttons, so that the recipient only selects one option.
  • For section D, you would add two check boxes, so that the recipient can select one, two or no options.

With Check Boxes and Radio Buttons, DocuSign gives a peace of mind to both senders and signers by making it easy for the sender to select the intended actions for their recipient to perform, while providing the recipient with a straight-forward selection to choose from.  This is just another way DocuSign is eliminating miscommunication and confusion when managing digital transactions!

Just DocuSign it!