You may already know how to send email to your DocuSign Transaction Rooms Inbox, but did you know about the DSTR email shortcuts? By adding a simple tag to an email subject line, you can send documents directly into a specific transaction room or even convert an email message to a PDF to be stored in a transaction room. Save time and streamline the process of adding documents with these useful features.

Locate your DocuSign Transaction Rooms Inbox email address

  1. From the home screen, click Settings.
  2. Click Inbox Details.
  3. Your current DSTR Inbox email address is displayed. Emails sent to this address will appear in your Inbox and can be shared within transaction rooms.

    Note: DocuSign Transaction Rooms automatically generates this email address. To customize the address, enter your preferred prefix and click Save Changes.

Email a document into a transaction room

To send a document to a specific transaction room, set your email subject line to #TRANS-ID, where TRANS-ID is the transaction room ID.

  1. To locate the transaction room ID, click Transactions.
  2. Click the desired transaction room.
  3. The transaction room ID is displayed in the transaction room's property panel.

    Note: You can also click the transaction room ID to begin composing in your default email application.

  4. Compose and send an email to your DocuSign Transaction Room Inbox email address and ensure the subject line begins with #TRANS-ID (in this case, #136088).
  5. When the email is sent to your DocuSign Transaction Room Inbox email address, it is automatically added to the transaction room with that transaction room ID.

Convert an email conversation to a PDF document

To convert an email message into a PDF to store within DocuSign Transaction Rooms, begin your email subject line with #PDF and send it to your Inbox email address.

DocuSign Transaction Rooms converts the email message to a PDF and stores it in your Inbox, where it is available for use in your transactions.

You can also convert an email message to a PDF and send it directly to a transaction room by including #PDF #TRANS-ID at the beginning of your email subject, where TRANS-ID is the Transaction Room ID.

Note: To add a title to a document, please enter the title after any other tags. For example, a subject line of #PDF #12345 Buyer’s Agreement would convert the email message to a PDF, route it to transaction room #12345, and title it Buyer's Agreement.