Tired of your documents looking like this?

When you're adding fields to a document, you want to be sure that they look great for your signers. Properly align, resize, and select the font and font size you want to make your documents shine. Whether you're tagging a template or just a single document, these tips will help you keep your fields looking sharp.

To get started, upload a document and add any signers you want, then click ADD FIELDS to get started.

To add your fields with precision:

  1. From the tagging screen, click and drag the field you want to the document.
  2. Click to select the field – the field is selected when the field box is outlined in blue.
  3. With the field selected, click FORMATTING to view and adjust the font and other formatting settings.
  4. Resize a signature field by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner of the field to the required size.
  5. To ensure that the fields are aligned properly either horizontally or vertically, CTRL+Click the fields you wish to align, then select one of the alignment settings.
  6. With the fields properly placed and aligned, click SEND to send the document. 

Now your signers will see the document with the fields placed as you intended.

Helpful tips:

  • When aligning a field, the text within the field represents the actual alignment of the text to be input. Line up the text with the underlined area to ensure accurate placement.
  • You can adjust the date format (i.e. 31/1/2015 – 1/31/2015) by clicking your profile image > Preferences > Document Settings > Format of Date:
  • Test your documents and make any adjustments by sending a sample to yourself prior to sending to your signers.