It's easy to send documents to multiple signers, but what about more complex signing processes? If you're ready to take your sending to the next level, it's time to learn about Agent Managed Envelopes.

There might be times when you, as a sender, must manage a complex, brokered transaction where you do not know the contact information for all recipients and signers. However, if you know the agents or brokers for those recipients, they can add in the contact information needed to complete the transaction.

For more in-depth information, check out our Agent Managed Envelope information.

Note: To enable this feature, ensure that that your account plan includes this option (contact your Account Manager if you’re unsure).

Have the DocuSign Administrator log into the Features section of the account. Under Preference > Features, ensure that the Enable Send to Address Recipients (Agent recipient type) option is enabled.

Sending an Agent Managed Envelope

When creating a new envelope, add a signer and set the user-type to either Manage envelope or Address recipients:

  • Manage envelope: The signer must have a DocuSign account.
  • Address recipient: The signer does not need an account but may still add in recipient information as needed.

Once the document has been sent, the appointed agent may add or modify recipients as needed. For example, if a real estate document needs an additional signer, the agent (the Reviewer in the image below) may add the signer during the signing process.

Once in process, the document may be modified by the appointed agent. All actions performed upon the envelope are tracked in the document history report.