With the DocuSign for Google Drive integration, you can sign and send documents directly from Google Drive. Sign documents stored in your Drive or send them out to get signatures. When the signing is complete, a copy of the completed document will be stored in both your DocuSign account and Google Drive. 

Note: DocuSign for Google Drive requires the Google Chrome Browser and the DocuSign Chrome App.

To send a document from Google Drive:

  1. Log in to your Google Drive account and navigate to the document you want to send.
  2. Right-click the document, click Open with, then click DocuSign.
  3. Click the signing option.
  4. Add any recipients and adjust the recipient roles, authentication options, or add a note for each recipient as needed. When finished, click ADD FIELDS.
  5. Add the required fields, then click SEND.

The document is sent and will be stored in both your DocuSign account and your Google Drive account upon completion.