DocuSign recently added a new feature for Chrome users. With the DocuSign Chrome Extension, you can access the Desktop Panel to sign, send, and review documents directly from your desktop.

Note: You must be using the Chrome browser to install the Chrome Extension and access the Desktop Panel. Download the Chrome browser here.

To set up the Chrome Extension and and access the Desktop Panel, follow these steps:

  1. From your Chrome browser, download the DocuSign Chrome Extension.
  2. Click +FREE, then click Add to authorize the extension.
  3. Enter your DocuSign login credentials and click LOG IN. If you do not have a DocuSign account, click Sign Up to begin the registration process.
  4. Click ENABLE PANEL.
  5. Under Enable Panels, click Enable. When finished, click Relaunch Now to restart the browser.
  6. In the new browser window, click the DocuSign icon in the top-left corner.

The Desktop Panel is now set up. For more information on features of the Desktop Panel or the Chrome Extension, check out our Chrome Extension support page.