Have you ever needed to download a document from your email inbox and upload it into DocuSign to sign? Now you can sign and send documents directly from your inbox using DocuSign for Gmail. 

With DocuSign for Gmail, you can open and sign documents without ever having to leave your inbox. Chrome browser is also required to use the Extension / DocuSign for Gmail – Download it here.

Note: Be be sure to install the DocuSign for Google Chrome Extension before proceeding – DocuSign for Gmail requires the Chrome Extension. For more information, check out our DocuSign for Google support page.

To begin signing documents from you Gmail inbox:

  1. Log into your Gmail account and open an email with an attachment to sign.
  2. Hover over the attachment and click the DocuSign icon.
  3. Click ONLY ME.

    Note: To send the document to others for signature, click ME & OTHERS or ONLY OTHERS.
  4. Click CONTINUE to begin the signing process.
  5. Place the signature tags and any other tags you want, then click FINISH.

    The document will be attached to a new email addressed to the initial sender.
  6. Enter a message if you want, then click Send to return the signed document.

    You will receive an email notification that the document has been signed.