Speed up the time spent tagging a document by leveraging anchor text for multiple fields. You can automatically place tags on a document that requires the same input value. For example, any field requiring a signature from Signer One having the same anchor text, e.g., “Sign Here” will be automatically populated with a signature tag anywhere “Sign Here” is printed on your base document.

Note: This differs from Salesforce Anchor Text formatting. For more information on Salesforce Anchor Text formatting, please review Automatic Anchor Text and Tags.

To add anchor text, follow these steps:

  1. Create an envelope and add documents and recipients normally.
  2. Add a tag to the document.
  3. Click the gear icon, then click to expand Location.
  4. Click to check Anchor, then enter the desired Anchor Text String.
  5. Click Apply.

Any occurrence of that text string on your base document will then have the tag applied to it.

The system will indicate how many tags were placed on the document(s), or if no instances of the anchor string were found.

If you are using data fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, or drop-down lists, any data entered/selected on the initial tag during signing will also be duplicated across all other instances of the anchored tag. This helps to save time when filling out forms requesting the same information, or multi-page forms.

If you have multiple documents in an envelope, ensure that you have set the Data Population Scope to “Envelope” so that all tags are populated rather than just the tags on one document.

To adjust the Data Population scope, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your DocuSign account, click your profile image, and then click Preferences.
  2. Under Account Administration, click Features.
  3. Ensure Data Population Scope is set to Envelope.
  4. Scroll to and click Save.

The tags will now populate across all documents in the envelope.