Templates are great tools to expedite the sending process within DocuSign. In addition to the benefits of reusability, templates also offer some special role names that allow for automatic population when users are entering their name and email information. 

If a template user also has to act upon the document, e.g., signing, receiving a copy, approving, etc. the template role may be set to “Sender” or “Self.” Either of these roles will then automatically populate the senders email and name information into the document signer field.

Note: for more information on template set-up, please review the template quick start guides.

Create a template normally; be sure to enter “Sender” or “Self” for the desired role to be pre-populated:

Once a user creates a document from the template, their username and email address are automatically populated without any interaction from the sender. If the template role has not been locked, users may also edit their information accordingly.