Have you ever run into a situation where you need to change the recipient of a document but don’t want to re-tag all of their signature options? DocuSign offers a copy-tag feature that allows you to mass-copy and then mass paste tags to different users.

  1. Log into your DocuSign account and select the template or document you wish to modify.
  2. On the tagging screen, click the Select All Tags button to highlight all tags for a given recipient.
  • Alternatively, you can hold Ctrl and click the specific tags you wish to copy.

3. Click the Settings icon next to the selected field set.

4. Change the recipient drop down to the desired recipient, then click Apply.

You have now copied the field values and settings to the new recipient—this means that they will see the same fields as the previous recipient. If you wish to copy the field vales rather than shift their ownership, select the Copy Selected Tags option on the tagging console and follow the same directions