Sometimes, you might need to send a document for signature to two parties who share one email address. Normally, documents are sent to each party individually, but spouses or coworkers using a shared email address can also sign documents easily.

Note: The signer account must have "Senders may add new spellings of my name" enabled. For more information, please review our how-to guide on Managing Your Identity.

When two or more people use the same email address, you can make sure that each person signs your documents correctly by following the guidelines below:

  1. Create a document or upload a document into DocuSign in the usual way.
  2. In the Recipients and Routing section, add your recipients:

Recipients and Routing - Add Recipient Email and Name

  1. Type the email address and name of the first recipient, then click Add Signer.
  2. Type the same email address for the second recipient, but type in a different recipient name. Click Add Signer.
  3. Continue for each additional signer.

Each of your recipients will receive their own email notification at the same email address.

  1. Type the email subject and message in the normal way.
  2. Place tags for each recipient. Make sure you have the correct recipient selected when placing tags.
  3. Send the document.

TIP! Advise the recipients that they will be receiving multiple DocuSign email with the same header. All the recipients need to make sure that they review and complete the signing process only on the email that has their name on it. After one recipient completes signing, they should log out of DocuSign and close the browser. You can also add a note to each recipient letting them know that if they accidentally open another person's email by accident, they should select Finish Later and then open the correct email.

Message to recipients--Only open the email with your name