The dashboard is the hub for all your DocuSign activities. Organized to keep you on track for your business goals, the dashboard provide six visual tiles that summarize your workflow status. The dashboard provides an informative snapshot of the following: 

  • Completed Documents
  • Pending Documents
  • Workflow analysis of completed envelopes
  • Granular breakdown of signature activities
  • Links to start a new envelope from a template
  • Links to envelopes awaiting your signature 

To gain further information about the envelopes represented in the tiles, click the View All Envelopes link at the bottom of the respective tile. Likewise, clicking an option in the left-hand Dashboards menu takes you to the same page where you can quickly learn more about the status of your envelopes.

Searching for Dashboard reports is easy by using the filter option at the top of the page. Here you can change the date range and search for specific envelopes using the subject text, recipient names, and sender names.

The Dashboard ensures you’ll always stay one step ahead of your workflow. Stay tuned for next week to learn how to expertly manage you envelopes from your Dashboard.

Happy DocuSigning!