DocuSign focuses on keeping the entire transaction digital. From document and template creation, to the signing process, and onto routing and distribution, DocuSign is capable of keeping the entire transaction in the cloud. There are, however, rare occasions when a wet signature is necessary.  Either a client is behind the times and insists on signing with pen and paper, or there is some obscure legal technicality that requires a pen and paper signature. Whatever the reason, DocuSign is able to accommodate.

When signing a document, the signer is presented with a “Request for Signature.” This feature helps make DocuSign compliant with the federal ESIGN act which mandates that signers must opt-in to signing electronically. If the signer chooses not to sign electronically, they can click the print button and fill out and sign the document manually.

During the signing ceremony, signers can print and sign the document manually at any time. The signer can even fill out all the required fields in DocuSign except for the signature and complete only that with pen and paper.

If the signer chooses to print out and sign the document, they can scan and upload the document back into DocuSign and keep business digital.

If the document is signed electronically, the signer has two options for saving the document. They can create a free DocuSign account to store the document, or the signer can print the document if they require a hard copy.

DocuSign is committed to allowing anyone to sign anytime, anywhere, on any device, even if it means printing a hard copy. Happy DocuSigning!