By Dave Padget, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Vertafore®

There’s a rumble in the Insurance industry. Maybe a revolt would serve as a better term, but however you phrase it, we’re collectively dumping paper.

We all know clutter is toxic for productivity, so we’re clearing the mess and going digital.

Need a template or a role model to help make the switch? Fortunately, behind the scenes, the jump to digital is already in full swing. Agencies and brokerages around the country are starting to tap into the power of paperless platforms. Instead of living by acreages of paper, they operate digitally with tools like Digital Transaction Management (DTM) to process claims and manage internal operations quickly and cleanly.

If anyone holds an inch of doubt, might I remind you of a few pain points that stung insurance businesses pre-paperless technologies? Let’s head internal. Insurance carriers’ HR departments would wade through an abyss of paperwork when simply onboarding a new agency.

Raise your hands if you remember this. No need to go into to the details; suffice to say; you’re perhaps scarred enough by the memories. On-boarding from point A to point Z involved so much printing, scanning and uploading and mailing and finally, tracking to ensure completion.

And if client satisfaction topped their priority chart, the paper-laden process unfortunately quashed the prospect of healthy agency retention.

But you can’t just give up and wave a white flag. In any toxic relationship, you break apart from the source. And this historical source is paper. That alone inspires insurance businesses and their customers to jump up and reenergize.

Here’s an example for the ages:

One of our very good customers was taking her business fully digital. She worked with clients selling outdoor adventures and vacation packages in the field. We needed a solid base – DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management (DTM) that offered the E-signature technology that would free her to serve her clients no matter her location. It’s flexibility in action and get this: one of her clients actually signed a policy document via DocuSign while hiking the edge of the Grand Canyon. Living life and getting work down simultaneous. It now exists!

And if that isn’t enough to yank the paper out of your hands, DocuSign and Vertafore® have partnered to work up a storm of benefits for your customers.

Here’s a sneak peak of the key benefits:

  • Shave hours off of your usual time slaving over administrative tasks
  • Accelerate contract processing time with the speed of electronic signatures (i.e. Make your customers fall in love with you)
  • ROI – you’ll own it! Vertafore’s AMS360® + DocuSign amps up the cost savings and time savings so your bottom line matches the glowing reviews from your customers (in other words, they hate manually signing as much as you hate processing docs).

DocuSign and Vertafore® are in this together for you and we’re excited to bring you the technology that makes your job the envy of all insurance agents.

In closing…Ready, Set…Go Digital!

To learn more about DocuSign and Vertafore’s partnership, click here.