Today, I’d like to introduce a new tool to help you do business faster so you can enjoy life more. For our DocuSign Winter ‘15 Release, we built the DocuSign Chrome Extension to make it even easier to sign documents and gather signatures when you’re working in other apps.

If you aren’t familiar, the collection of Chrome Extensions available in the Chrome web store make for great life hacks. They are a form of predictive and productive technology that synergize with your browser, gather information, and provide the right service at the very moment we realize we need it, if not before.

Simplicity and ease of use inspired our design goals behind the DocuSign Chrome Extension and here is why we built it.

Listening to our Customers:

We studied our customers' behavior, talked to them about how we could make DocuSign even better. And they told us, "Make it accessible right from my desktop so I can send or sign a document even faster!"

That’s why we designed the DocuSign Chrome Extension so customers can attack pressing matters without losing a second. The highly visual interface gives you instant document status, a shortcut to sign documents or send reminders, and my favorite — kick off a transaction based on an existing template.

“The access that the desktop panel provides is extremely fast. That's the biggest benefit. I haven't been back to the website since installing this, because the navigation from the desktop panel is so efficient. 

The ability to access templates this quickly has once again alleviated the burdens of getting a document signed.”

Jason Gershenson, Attorney, Gershenson Law

As we talked to our users we realized they were constantly receiving emails attachments to sign and return. We realized that we needed to jump on the opportunity to create a shortcut to DocuSigning and returning attachments via Gmail. In other words, our customers called for navigation cues and features that killed off ingrained impulses to download and print attachments. Easy is our goal and easy we would deliver with DocuSign Chrome Extension for Gmail

After feeling the waters, here is what ours customers say:

“The DocuSign Chrome Extension makes it easier than ever to sign and return documents without ever leaving my Gmail account. I can open email attachments with DocuSign and have them signed and ready to be sent in seconds. I get consistency across all the devices I use so I have complete freedom to work on the go.”

Kelly Palya, Speech Therapist, Fusion Medical Staffing

“For quick documents like price change addenda, escrow extensions, inspection cover sheet acknowledgements, having the DocuSign icon readily available RIGHT THERE on the actual attachment saves me time and energy. It keeps my workflow streamlined, and I love that it  remains in the Google eco-system!”

Herman Chan, Real Estate Broker & Personality, LuxSFHomes

If you are a Dropbox user, right click a file and you’ll see the DocuSign button enabling you to sign the document or get signatures from others. Your documents will be stored securely in DocuSign available for access anytime. 

Customers love it:

“DocuSign's Chrome Extension is THE ABSOLUTE definition of a seamless business workflow. Our integrated marketing agency needs to be nimble and responsive in order to stay competitive in a fast-paced work environment.  As a company that uses Google Apps for Work, the DocuSign Chrome Extension simplifies the process and reduces time involved in signing documents and requesting signatures from others. “

Desmond Croan, CEO, Minty Fresh

Hints at What’s Next

With the release of the Chrome Extension, we are just getting started with predicting when and where you will need DocuSign. We’re invested in customer-centric innovation and that means your feedback will nourish our thinking and design sketches. 

Do you have questions or feedback? We’re all ears and eyes! Email me at and I’ll be happy to discuss.

Click here to install the DocuSign Chrome Extension

*It’s True: Within 30 seconds you can sign the attachment for FREE if you are the only one signing! A PDF copy will be added in a reply for an easy return.