Like many in the eSignature world, I am delighted by the announcement by the IRS earlier this week that  electronically signed forms will be accepted by the IRS, starting with the 4506-T, the request for transcript of tax return, starting in January 2013. This is an incredible milestone in DocuSign’s journey to become the global standard for eSignature!

DocuSign was the solution trusted to drive the proof of concept for the IRS, which had a number of requirements:

  1. Secure Authentication: DocuSign’s Single Sign On (SSO), knowledge-based and multi-factor authentication options ensure the right person signs the right document every time.
  2. Consumer Consent: DocuSign ensures consumers consent to doing business electronically via a one-page consent form presented to the signer after authentication and prior to signing.
  3. Separate Audit Trail: Every DocuSigned document includes a separate certificate of completion and legally binding audit trail with detail on who signed, when and where.
  4. Tamper Proof: Documents are encrypted on the DocuSign network to prevent tampering and ensure validity.

With more than 25 million 4506-T forms submitted to the IRS each year, this is huge! Now, each and every one of these forms can be DocuSigned – streamlining the process to make it easier, faster and more convenient than ever to do business with the government. DocuSign is already used by the federal government, not to mention state and local governments across the country.

We look forward to the day coming soon, in which every taxpayer can benefit from the ease and convenience of DocuSigning their annual tax return. For more information, please see DocuSign’s press release.

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