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Tag: #FaxOutOfFootball

Shine the Lights on Players, not Fax Machines on National Signing Day

For some, February 4th is a holy day. Look around and you may find a group of buttoned-up professionals playing hooky to gather around a TV or mobile live stream at your local watering hole….
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Transparency in Football: Is Technology the Answer?

With so much money washing around in modern football it can be easy to forget the importance of being totally honest with the paying public.   The elite of the game can become so far…
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6 Ways Technology Is Transforming Sport

The use of technology within sport has evolved impressively throughout the modern era, shaping the way audiences interact with our beloved teams and players. Technology has even altered the sports themselves, with general consensus in…
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Transfer Deadline Day: Kicking the #FaxOutOfFootball

Monday night brought the curtain down on the busiest day in the football calendar, the close of the European summer transfer window. The day of the year when Jim White is unleashed on our screens,…
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Why Football is Missing an Open Goal

Football is a global business, and business today means blending the commercial with technological know-how. But while commercial success in football is a refined art, the use of technology to manage key operations is yet…
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Kick the Fax out of Football

The past few weeks have been spectacular for football fans everywhere. The World Cup in Rio has seen some great goals, impressive matches and a bite of controversy. Interestingly, we’ve also seen technology used more…
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Let’s Get the Fax Out of Football

Guest Post by Neil Hudspith, Chief Revnue Officer, DocuSign As always the closing days of the European transfer window have been a source of great excitement for football fans and casual sports observers around the…
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