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Signature Tour: Signing Out

After 14 cities over 7 countries, late nights and early starts combined with a lot of coffee and more airplane food than we care to reminisce on, the DocuSign Signature Tour finally draws to a…
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Steffie on Tour

Guest post by Stephanie Hain, Associate Director of Operations and HR at EclectiC International. Connect with Stephanie on LinkedIn     The last stop of the DocuSign Signature Tour in Amsterdam has successfully signed off! With over…
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Signature City Tour EMEA… The Highlights So Far

  The DocuSign Signature City Tour recently wrapped up its journey of the UK with great aplomb. Having set off on the (8.5 hour) first-leg drive from our London office to The Balmoral Hotel in…
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3 Reasons Shopping Will be Paper Free

It’s a classic business image – drowning in paper. But before we conjure up images worthy of an Office Space reboot, we’ve got to digest the reality that drowning in paper extends beyond business. Take…
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We Use How Much Paper? Clean Up Your Workflow in 3 Steps

Guess how much paper we rattle through each year? 69 million tons. That’s 69 million tons worth of trees; 69 million tons worth of notes chucked in bins; and 69 million tons worth of paper…
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3 Timeless Benefits of Digital Business

Wiring your business for Digital success isn’t just a marketing tag line. It’s good practice. Switch on your news feeds and you’re eyes deep in posts about Working Smarter. True, as business professionals, we’re always…
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Pardon the Disruption

Having previously been a sales representative in the staffing industry, I was inundated with sales and HR paperwork that required signatures. Often times, the laborious nature of this paperwork and need for a timely turnaround…
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100% Digital = 100% Empowered Financial Institutions

By upgrading to digital business platforms, financial institutions are finding that they can accelerate revenues while driving down costs, all while delighting their Customers and Members by allowing them to execute business processes in real…
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It’s A Social World: 3 Ways to Listen In

As our world becomes increasingly digital and “always-on”, the speed of sales and customer engagement have seemingly jumped into hyper drive. Our customer and prospect communities are now taking to social media and other ‘instant’…
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3 Ways to Convince Your Team to #GoDigital

 As business professionals, we’re wired to embrace potential and opportunity, particularly if the end results see you swimming in profitability, sustainability and influence. So why aren’t we taking our businesses digital? With myriad opportunities to…
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