No doubt about it. Starting a new business is hard. But managing and maintaining a business is harder.

Front Desk ( and DocuSign are doing something about that. We’ve come together to provide a set of tools that service businesses can use to make managing their clients easier.

First, we’ve freed a business’s front desk from having to stay in one location. Front Desk greets clients wherever they are. That’s especially important for businesses like personal trainers, piano tuners, massage therapists, tutors, counselors, yoga instructors, and dog walkers.

With a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, a business owner can schedule appointments, classes, and workshops, sign in clients, handle and track payments, send notifications, analyze real-time reports on the health of the business, and manage waivers and other documents online.

Second, we’ve tackled how businesses that provide personal services deal with the need for clients to sign liability waivers, contracts, and other documents before starting their professional relationship. In the past it’s been a cumbersome process. Clients arrive and often create a bottleneck as they review and sign waivers, membership agreements, and similar documents. After documents are signed, a staff member enters information from the paper documents on a computer, maybe makes a copy for the client, and then files the original.

And that’s where integration of DocuSign into Front Desk comes in. Instead of managing your business with a clipboard and reams of paper, Front Desk:

  • Lets clients sign documents online before they arrive, giving them time to review them fully, avoid the crowd, and save time on site.
  • Automatically extracts important data and adds it to a database, eliminating separate data entry.
  • Avoids copying and filing paper—both owner and client get an electronic copy.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Business owners build their waivers, contracts, and other documents in a WYSIWYG editor, dropping in DocuSign placeholders for essential data like names, dates, and signatures.
  2. Front Desk automatically generates a PDF that’s optimized for a mobile signing experience.
  3. Messages notify clients that they need to sign when they sign in to Front Desk.
  4. Clients can sign their documents on their own when creating an account, or staff can ask clients to sign their documents during in-person registration.
  5. Staff members can easily see who needs to sign and who has signed already before a class, appointment, or session.

Even many service-based businesses that are in a fixed location like the idea of taking advantage of mobile technology and getting rid of the front desk. They can remove that barrier between their companies and their clients and manage their businesses from anywhere at any time.

Hot Yoga of Laurelhurst is one such business. “Before we used Front Desk and DocuSign, our studio had limited cross reference between the waiver company and our manually filed contracts,” says owner Marka Waechter. “Now, all our documents are on file electronically and are integrated completely into a single system. I have the confidence that all liability waivers are signed before classes begin.”

At Front Desk, we implemented DocuSign for liability waivers and health questionnaires. Now we’re seeing business owners branching out, also using DocuSign for things like staff documentation, employment agreements, and membership contracts. Using DocuSign ensures that documents are secure because DocuSign is the only eSignature solution that is ISO 27001 certified—the highest level of global information security assurance available. Front Desk business owners enjoy the same benefits as large, global enterprises who’ve learned to trust DocuSign with their most important documents.

Legally binding signatures are an important requirement for many of the service businesses that use Front Desk. They need more than just a jpeg signature or a checkbox. DocuSign warrants their product’s compliance with the Federal ESIGN Act, reassuring both business and customer that their documents are safe.