In the world of digital transformation, where do you find the A-list celebrities? This week you'll find the who's who in the digital technology world at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, participating at DocuSign’s annual user conference, DocuSign MOMENTUM 2014.

These are people driving together to make the world a better place through digital business. These are companies with digital at the core of their strategy. These are companies that want to introduce smarter ways of working that benefit their customers and the world around them. These are companies on the journey to becoming 100% digital.

Who are we in the company of?

I'm talking about companies such as, Microsoft, NetSuite, Xerox, Comcast, , Hewlett Packard, Box and the list goes on. Not forgetting DocuSign itself, which is working closely with their A-list peers to help them provide a premium level of service to their own stakeholders, internal and external and enable them to help to make the world a better place.

What brings them all together?

These are companies that make smart decisions, look forwards rather than backwards and embrace new ways of doing things that just make sense. Helping them to increase speed of service, improve customer experience, increase security, reduce lost time on paper based administration, and embrace the hyper connected and truly mobile world in which we live today. They don't just keep pace with the rest of the business crowd but they set the agenda for others to follow.

These are companies which recognize the opportunity Digital Transaction Management brings and which are leading the way in helping to drive this new category. 

Let’s shine the spotlight                                                           

To give some examples, we're talking about Microsoft embedding DocuSign in Office 365, enabling one billion users around the world to be more productive with DocuSign and Microsoft..

We're talking about first standardizing on DocuSign across its entire sales team, which saw deal close cycle times cut from an average of 2 days down to 90% of contracts signed the same day, 71% signed within an hour, and 60% signed within 15 minutes. And with DocuSign’s workflow automation and integration with backend systems, new Salesforce users are automatically provisioned to use Salesforce as soon as the contract is DocuSigned. Given their success with their Sales team using DocuSign, has standardized on DocuSign across the enterprise.

We're talking about NetSuite partnering with DocuSign to offer DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management SuiteApp, an integrated solution with NetSuite, to help organizations accelerate transactions to achieve significant ROI and enhance security and compliance—all while delighting customers, partners, suppliers, and employees.

We're talking about DocuSign and Xerox recognizing the increasing demands of customers for quick and secure methods to process documents digitally to avoid the need to sign hard copies of agreements and contracts like bank paperwork. To solve this need, DocuSign and Xerox are offering a combined solution via a Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform for businesses in need of back end document processing with eSignature.

There are many more stories and applications of Digital Transaction Management to be heard at DocuSign MOMENTUM 2014. Too many to mention in just one blog post!