By Matt Old, Director of Commercial Sales, DocuSign, Australia and New Zealand

The digital revolution has impacted almost every facet of our lives, from how we socialise, exercise, bank and work. However the commitment to paper remains in many Australian businesses, even those who consider themselves to be digitally mature.

Moving to a swifter digital model is not only beneficial for potential clients, it is helping to make a more productive and happy workforce who are not wasting hours trying to keep track of sheets of paper. I recently published an article in Dynamic Business titled Escaping the paper vortex and embracing digital tech is a sign of business maturity which unpacks the importance of adopting an effective digital strategy, especially for small businesses.

The decision to go paperless for businesses will lead to a more effective and productive workforce, and a more streamlined, successful operation. The time to act is now for any Australian business caught in the time-consuming paper vortex.

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