Contributed Article By: James Lewis | Business Systems Development Manager

At Kearney Group Financial Services, we’ve been interested in “doing things differently” for many years and as part of a heavily paper-based industry, we’re always on the hunt for digital tools and technological solutions that are innovative, secure and make life easier, for both our clients and employees. So when we found DocuSign’s eSignature technology, we knew we were onto something special.

DocuSign has been a real game changer for the Kearney Group. As a growing professional financial services firm, we needed a powerful solution that could interface well with our complex business systems, including our custom-designed management information and reporting system and MyKearney Online client web portal. Whilst investigating the range of eSignature providers, we were focused on finding a solution that was safe, customisable, brand-sensitive and easily scalable with projected growth.

In all regards, DocuSign stood out from the pack; offering outstanding security measures, user-friendly functionality and of course, the support of the DocuSign team as we crafted and rolled-out a package that was suited to our unique needs. API integration went very smoothly and after the Kearney Group’s advisory team trialed the technology, getting their buy-in was effortless.

With DocuSign now fully integrated into our MyKearney Online portal, our clients have the ability to log into their web accounts and securely sign critical documents at the click of a button. The end-user experience is both effective and pleasing to the eye, with an interface that respects the Kearney Group’s overarching branding, and allows for seamless transition between the portal and documents for signature.

Despite our initial concern that clients might be hesitant to sign documents digitally, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “I am a long standing client of the Kearney Group and recently started signing documents using the DocuSign process,” said David O’Farrell, partner of Minter Ellison Lawyers in Brisbane, Australia. “I was surprised and pleased by the process. I don’t claim to be technically competent, but I found the prompts very simple and intuitive and it saved me a lot of time.”

Saving time is a recurring theme in the feedback we’ve gotten from our clients and advisers alike. Gone are the days of stamping envelopes and waiting on the post. “Lodging tax returns has become a much faster, easier process with the adoption of DocuSign,” said Nathan Rowe, Accountant & Manager at the Kearney Group. “The signature process that previously took a week now takes less than a day, meaning we can get the job done more efficiently, and our clients see their refund sooner.”

Like any good business, we know the proof is in the numbers and immediately, the numbers spoke volumes. Historically, Kearney Group advisers could wait up to two weeks for the return of signed documents that had been printed and posted to clients. Following the roll-out of DocuSign, 30% of all documents are signed within an hour, 76% are signed within the same day, and 95% are completed within one week.

Choosing to integrate DocuSign with our MyKearney Online web portal has not only improved the service experience from a client perspective, it has also expedited internal processes and significantly reduced work for our administrative team. And as an added bonus, whilst we’re not yet an entirely paperless office, we’re certainly a less-paper office than before.

As an organisation constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to improve process and drive critical efficiencies, we’re excited about the possibilities that our partnership with DocuSign will present going forward. “The Kearney Group’s path over the next few years is an exciting one,” said Kearney Group CEO, Paul Kearney. “I’m very pleased to see our team turning to technology to rethink the way we do business and better serve our clients.”

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About the author:

James Lewis began providing his technical expertise to the Kearney Group in 2008 and formally joined the team in November 2012. He is a strategic thinker with knack for business systems and an interest in driving process improvement through the development of technological solutions. Most recently, James conceived of, developed and implemented the Kearney Group’s MyKearney Online client portal, including API integration with DocuSign’s eSignature technology.