Contributed by Elizabeth Guerra, Sales Systems Project Manager at LinkedIn

As transactions are the connector between goal and success, eSignatures are an ideal vehicle given their speed to business, but many eSignature apps and SaaS platforms sometimes don’t go above and beyond a simple electronic signature capability; and we need more than just electronic signatures.

You need to know that you can’t just scroll through a mobile app store and download any old app to have a document eSigned.

You need to keep a hawk-eye out for a list of must-have capabilities. On our ‘must’ list are security, audit capabilities and a stellar employee and end-user experience.

And to boot, a SaaS tool must actually provide a service to the users in the form of support and user enrichment.

A few years back — July 2013 – Nov 2013 — we preformed substantial due diligence on the tool sets available in the marketplace that fit the bill.

Our Digital Mandate

We integrated DocuSign into LinkedIn’s workflows and started the initial transition, our teams and administrative professionals were still running between paper and the traditional PDF, mail, mail-back process. At first, it was actually really difficult and surprising to note the aversion to change.

Once we integrated DocuSign and demonstrated the available workflow visibility, legally binding proof of signatures, as well as the rapid speed of transaction completion in comparison to traditional paper format, the DocuSign platform became a mandate throughout the company. We had users exclaiming, “digital is the way to go.” The demand was loud and clear to turn off the paper process.

Entire departments were transformed when we went digital. Personally, I support the company in building sales contract agreements, from a legal perspective. Additionally, digital workflows for processes like member trust and safety, financial and legal compliance, as well as new hire paperwork, create a seamless experience of all users.

In the current and previous fiscal quarters alone, we have sent ~85% of our generated order forms via DocuSign by way of Drawloop, our dynamic document generation service provider! 

SaS: Service and Support

As I’ve had my eye on the SaaS market for many years, and have been a DocuSign user for nearly six years. Not only have I seen DocuSign grow as a tool that dramatically enhances transaction management, but I’ve also observed how DocuSign commits to fostering a community of digital business professionals who come together and teach each other how best to use the services and tools.

DocuSign University is part and parcel of this.

Even though I consider myself a DocuSign power user, it is so rewarding to bring DocuSign administrators to the University courses so they can sit down in an environment where everyone is ready to learn every best practice and cool trick. Everyone interacts and relates with each other. Throughout each session, participants bounce ideas and questions off of each other and that’s a uniquely enriching experience.  

More importantly DocuSign University’s courses are designed to give participants a totally fresh perspective on what it’s like to experience DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform at any given stage. My team of administrators came away better understanding our end-users’ experience.

This makes me circle right back up to our must have list. Since tools and platforms update so quickly to match the speed of our global business economy, we need these opportunities to constantly refresh our 360-degree understanding of what users experience.

While we’re all leveraging tools to beat the speed of business today, it’s assuring that resources like DocuSign University let users teach each other how to gain the most from the tools.

To learn more about DocuSign University, please click here.