When we say ‘there’s an app for that,’ we mean that there’s a way to square off a task more efficiently (and less painfully). By that token, many business professionals swear by productivity apps to get them through the day with best possible outcomes. So, we figured, why not think about DocuSign in the context of those apps? That was our goal when we designed DocuSign for Outlook; we wanted to make it as easy as possible to send or sign documents without ever leaving the mail client we use the most.  

One of our newest app features allows you to send a DocuSign template out for signature from the new mail or reply email window. Just select the desired template that contains pre-defined signature workflow and the app will take care of the rest!

Today, Michelle has sent me an email requesting the agreement we discussed in a meeting earlier in the day. To send that to her, I just have to run through 4 simple steps:

Open the app and log in

I reply to Michelle’s email and open the DocuSign for Outlook app from this window. I log in with one click using my Office 365 credentials. 

Choose a template

I know my legal team has already set up the partnership agreement template, so I choose this template from my list of available templates.

Specify signers and an email message

I see Michelle is already populated as a signer — she’s pulled in from the email reply. I can also add my manager as a signer. 

I can also edit the email message that gets sent to my signers.

Preview and Send

From Outlook, I can preview the template in DocuSign, or just send it immediately.

And there we have it — instant (stress-free) productivity. Why work harder, when you can work smarter with the latest in digital business tools.

To learn more about DocuSign for Office 365, visit: www.docusign.com/microsoftapps.