Do you want to sign documents faster, and right from your iPad or Android tablet?

DocuSign Transaction Rooms features In-Person Signing on our tablet mobile application for iOS and Android. Our mobile app can be found within either respective app stores under the name “DocuSign TR.” This feature allows you to tag and sign any document right from your tablet. Signers in the same location can sign right away on a single device. This feature can be utilized not only in a specific Transaction Room, but also in your Inbox and My Docs sections.

The great part of this new In-Person Signing feature is that you can sign any document with very little setup. Let’s go through two examples of how this all works:

The first example is pretty straightforward. I need to initial a floor plan, then fax it to the building manager.

I’ve located the floor plan I need to initial within my Transaction Room. There is now an icon labeled Sign at the bottom right of the document preview. 

By touching the sign icon, the Transaction Room app will walk me through an In-Person Signing experience. The app will first ask if all parties are present. Since I’m the only person initialing this document, I’ll choose yes.

Next, I will select the person or people who need to sign this document, and of course that’s just myself. I will change the red X next to my name to a green check mark. 

I will then confirm that all the correct signers are added, as well as take a picture of myself at the time of signing if that’s an added security option I want to utilize (touch the picture icon to apply this feature). 

Next, I’m brought to the Tagging Sheet. It’s here that I can touch the tag options at the top of the app and then tap anywhere on the document where that tag needs to be applied. You can see in the picture below that I’ve added not only my initial to the document, but also my name below the initial. 

I will complete the signing by touching the Finish button in the upper-right corner. It’s that simple!

Now the document will be placed back into the Transaction Room’s Document section with all of the essential DocuSign metadata collected in the background. We can then touch the signed document, touch the fax icon on the bottom-right corner, and fax the signed document over to the building manager. 

For our second example, we are going to have both myself and a seller sign a Mold Disclosure.

The first few steps are exactly the same as our first example; find the document you need to sign within the transaction room, touch to open the document preview, and touch Sign in the bottom right corner. Then select that all signers are present and choose which people need to sign. I will choose myself and John Smith, who is the seller I’m working with.

I will then confirm that all the signers are added to the envelope and also take a picture of the signer if I so choose. I will then select which signer I’d like to sign first. In this case, I will sign first, as I need to add the seller’s address and name to the document before I have him sign. I will touch on my name to sign first.

I will then use text boxes to add the information I need to the document. When I am finishing adding all my tags to the document, I will touch Finish. The app will now ask me to pass the tablet to the next signer, which is John Smith.

John Smith will then touch OK and start to drag his initials and signatures onto the document. Since John has never used DocuSign before, he will need to adopt a new signature and initial. The app will walk John through adding them both with a simple signing with his finger or with a picture of his initials. 

Once John’s finished with all of his signing and initialing, he’ll touch Finish in the upper-right corner. 

The app will then instruct John to pass the tablet back to me, and the In-Person Signing will be completed. The signed document will be placed back into the Transaction Room’s Document section automatically.

The In-Person Signing feature has been put together is such an innovative way, it’s almost impossible to make a mistake. The app walks you through each and every step, so clearly that it’s a huge game changer for speeding up our users’ transactions.

For a deeper look into In-Person Signing, check out our video tutorial.

Give this feature a try, and please let us know how your experience was in the comment section below.

Brent Boyens