When we checked a year ago, DocuSign had been used in more than 50 countries around the world! I thought this statistic was pretty cool, because I can relate to the signing processes of our global customers – hotels dealing with Expedia, Salesforce selling service, Microsoft contracting agreements, etc. – all taking place in faraway places. The world gets smaller when you move online.

We recently looked again and we’re delighted to find that DocuSign has now been used to sign documents in188 countries!! One-hundred and eighty-eight! Bear in mind that there are only 193 countries that are members of the United Nations. This means DocuSign is used in 97% of the world’s countries. This is fantastic evidence that DocuSign is the global standard for eSignature®.

Just a few years ago, countries with 15% of the world’s population produced about 70% of the world’s GDP. GDP projections suggest that the share of world trade held by developing countries will more than double over the next 40 years and reach 69% by 2050. This kind of shift will fuel international business—and DocuSign will help ensure that business is done more securely and faster than ever.

Much like the cellular networks growing faster in countries where it was hard to physically travel from place to place, I expect the same thing is happening with DocuSign. Because we are only 200 miliseconds away from anywhere in the world online, we can skip the overnight express cost, the hassles of scanning and faxing, and sign faster, and more conveniently withDocuSign – now reaching just about every corner of the world.

So what are those 5 countries that have not yet DocuSigned? Here they are:

  • Central African Republic – Only .5% of the population have internet access
  • Eritrea – Only 4.1% have internet access · Nauru – a 21 square kilometer nation with no internet statistics at all
  • San Marino – a 61 square kilometer nation completely surrounded by Italy
  • Tuvalu – a 26 square kilometer island with no internet statistics

So, if you are from any of these countries or will be travelling to them in the next few months, tweet @tgonser and @docusign and let me know! I want to send you something to sign when you are there!