Use cases: DocuSign integrations extend your existing tech investments

Some of the best examples of DocuSign in action are the ones that are hardly noticeable. The instances where DocuSign is simply there, ready for action, in your favourite CRM or productivity tool. Here, we hear from two customers who are making the most of the DocuSign for Salesforce integration to get more from their investment in the Salesforce platform; and an entire industry that’s benefitting from DocuSign integration.

Canva streamlines processes with DocuSign for Salesforce

“DocuSign’s Salesforce integration and inherent flexibility mean that our sales team can move far more quickly. Time that was previously spent on building and chasing contracts, is now used to build better relationships with customers and prospects.” Tiffany Tai GM of Enterprise, Partnerships and BizOps Canva

At Canva, the shift to Salesforce and then DocuSign for Salesforce has reaped significant results for the thriving design business.

Salesforce was set up at Canva to simplify a complex backend process. The goals were to automate data input, reduce manual processes and help ensure that all information in the first draft of the contract was accurate. The next step was to find a solution to manage the end-to-end agreement process with new customers – one that would empower staff and customers to work in an efficient, nimble way. After a successful proof-of-concept, Canva decided to design contracts with DocuSign.

By using DocuSign for Salesforce, the company has empowered its sales team to deal with customer data in a flexible, agile way. They are more efficient; and have more time to focus on higher value tasks and business growth. Data is pulled from, and updated into, Salesforce to ensure accuracy. For each new or existing customer, the solution automatically populates the same data across every related form. Previously, time was spent manually entering the same information several times, which was more likely to result in error.

Real estate agents reap benefits of REI integration

In the real estate industry, getting offers signed is a momentous step. REI Forms Live is Australia’s largest forms platform for the real estate industry, with all standard real estate forms digitised and made available to members online. DocuSign eSignature is integrated in the platform.  

Members that use REI Forms Live can subscribe to DocuSign and start transacting digitally within minutes. “DocuSign has made the transition really easy for employees and clients. The ability for clients to sign from any device and without an account is a definite plus. To have a contract executed on the spot is not only convenient but gives everyone confidence that the deal was done,” says Emma Slape, Chief Executive Officer, Turner Real Estate.

What’s your preferred platform?

DocuSign integrates with over 350 partner solutions. It’s all about helping you get more business done, more efficiently – so you can streamline processes, save money and deliver the ultimate customer experience.