Have you ever wanted greater visibility into your company’s workflow and sales leads? You can now monitor contracts in real-time to transform the way your company does business.

Business intelligence tools allow for greater transparency and accountability in the workplace, reducing the reliance on assumption based decisions. In a busy marketing and sales department they can allow your team to concentrate on the clients who have read your contract email and are ripe for the next point of communication.

Speaking at a recent Sydney event, training firm Sales ITV co-founder Dean Mannix discussed how his company uses the real-time visibility of DocuSign to take the ambiguity out of their communication with clients.

“DocuSign gives us instant email updates, noting the progress of our contract including where it is in the signing process. You can tell when a client has opened a contract but not signed it; from this you can take an informed cue and ask them if they have any questions that may be holding up the process,” said Mannix.

“Docusign is also a critical part of our conversion strategy. The insight it provides in to a customer’s interaction with contract documents has radically improved our ability to convert business in a more timely and time efficient manner. It has enabled a more proactive and customer focused approach to following up at the right times and improved the closing experience for both our people and our customers.”

“As a business that’s genuinely committed to sales efficiency through technology and innovation Docusign as a partner was a no-brainer. It’s easy to use for our people and our customers and the ROI on our investment more than justified the small amount of time and training the solution took to implement.”

For Salesforce Executive Merlin Luck, real-time visibility was particularly important.  When he reached the final day of his sales quarter, he was waiting on one last deal to successfully close out the quarter and make his number.

Merlin knew his client had received and opened the contract in DocuSign however; they were yet to sign on the dotted line. But Merlin faced a major obstacle; his client was on an international flight and couldn’t physically sign the relevant paperwork.

Luckily for Merlin he was able to reach his client as soon as the plane touched down and ask them to sign using the DocuSign mobile app. And with the click of a button, Merlin made his target.

Greater processing visibility can also decrease internal pressures; instead of long reporting updates on the status on documents or deals, managers receive real-time updates as contracts are completed. This means a huge increase in efficiency, as energy usually spent following up employees is better spent elsewhere in the business increasing revenue or productivity.

The digital transformation of business is sped up through business intelligence tools that enable maximum productivity potential to be realised, and create seamless communication of business transactions in real-time.