By Brad Newton, vice president, Australia and New Zealand, DocuSign

Sydney’s Waverley Council is setting a digital example for government through its adoption of DocuSign’s eSignature technology. Waverley Council recognises citizen expectations for digital services across all levels of government and in response, initiated a Digital Waverley program to bring this 150-year-old organisation into the twenty-first century.

As a first step, Waverley Council has rolled out DocuSign to its internal HR training processes, digitising the last mile of its compulsory learning modules. This process was previously a paper and management intensive process for the 600 plus staff that had to provide written signatures for the module paperwork.

Paul White, Executive Manager for the Digital Waverley project, said that it often took weeks to turn around from signing to approval. With DocuSign, this process has seen a 25 per cent increase in speed, combined with error reduction through the inbuilt audit trail.

By taking advantage of digital innovation, the council is already driving efficiency, ensuring greater compliance and freeing up valuable resources to focus on citizen services. The benefits of switching from ink to electronic signatures are indisputable – the federal government has revealed that it’s 42 times cheaper for it to conduct a transaction electronically than manually. DocuSign allows government of all levels to transact business digitally anytime, anywhere, on any device, in a manner that is secure, legal, and easy to use, helping it to serve citizens in the best way possible

There is a huge opportunity for government to take advantage of digital innovation and we are thrilled to support Waverley Council with its Digital Waverley program.

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