We are DocuSign: Kelly Burke

Our “We are DocuSign” blog series places the spotlight on employees from a variety of departments and provides a peek into what it’s like to work at DocuSign. This week we sat down with Kelly Burke, MDR at DocuSign APAC to chat about her day-to-day work, what she admires about her colleagues and something none of her co-workers know about her.

Q: What do you do at DocuSign? I am a ‘Market Development Representative’, better known as an ‘MDR’, in our Sydney office, targeting accounts in Australia and New Zealand. I reach out to organisations to spark their interest in DocuSign and get the discussion started.

Q: What is the best thing about working at DocuSign? The people, the environment and the culture. I love coming to work every day. There is always great banter, people cracking jokes and so many amazing personalities. I also love the ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ mentality, everyone is focused on reaching their goals during the week but can also enjoy some social time at our weekly Friday ‘Happy Hour’ gathering.

Q: What is the best advice you can give to somebody starting a new job in your department at DocuSign?

As MDR’s, you have to get over any ‘fear of rejection’ pretty quickly. One should think of rejection as part of your success. The more you hear the word ‘No’ the more you revise your approach, your talk track and your messaging to help you to capitalize on more opportunities in the future.

Q: What traits do you most admire in your colleagues at DocuSign?

I admire my colleagues’ drive and willingness to succeed but what I admire most, is everybody’s willingness to work collaboratively. Whether it’s one of our leaders, an Enterprise Rep, or our Marketing team– everyone genuinely wants to see you succeed and will help where they can.

Q: What traits do you think your DocuSign colleagues most admire in you?

I had to ask my colleagues and the consensus was “enthusiasm and positivity”. I always try to keep a positive outlook and uplift the team when people are having a bad day – it happens in this kind of role. I also throw out a lot of inspirational quotes, not sure if that’s annoying or admirable :-)

Q: What is something most of your colleagues at DocuSign don’t know about you? Whilst I was studying at university, I was a professional dancer and performed for ‘The Wiggles’ for 3 years, entertaining thousands of children across Australia and New Zealand during my university holidays – one of my roles was Dorothy the Dinosaur. I was also a cheerleader for a few Australian Rugby League teams and the Sydney Kings Basketball team.

Q: What is your favourite snack from the DocuSign kitchen? My favourite snack would have to be ‘Munch’s’ – which are delicious bite sized nut clusters, stuck together by honey and most likely sugar but they don’t seem as naughty as the vast array of lollies and chips that we have on display.

Q: What is the best project you ever worked on at DocuSign and why? I’ve really enjoyed being part of the recruitment process for the XDR team in the APAC region. It’s great to get the opportunity to interview the people who you will be working with on a daily basis. It’s also good to have some teammates/friends in the same role as me in region, as I was the only XDR in region for over a year and now we have a team of 10.

Q: If you were not working at DocuSign and could do anything in the world, what would you be doing next? My passion is definitely dance/ performing/ entertaining so would have to be something of this nature. I’ve actually always wanted to be a radio host, perhaps co-host or have my own breakfast radio show.

Q: What is the secret for you to happiness? I believe that happiness is created and not something you go searching for. Happiness to me is ‘forever evolving’ and I’m always striving to reach that next level in every aspect of life – work, health and relationships.