Guess how much paper we rattle through each year?

69 million tons. That’s 69 million tons worth of trees; 69 million tons worth of notes chucked in bins; and 69 million tons worth of paper cuts.

Is this really the reality circa 2014?

Looks like it’s not all (paper) doom and (fax) gloom! Polls show that we’re working hard to zap paper into oblivion. We’ve tapped into the business community to see how they add digital zest to the daily workflow.

Heading back east to New Canaan, CT, Litchfield County Realtor Robert Riva tells us he “was surprised and tired of paying for printer cartridges…I was using excessive [amounts] of paper, [but] not any longer!”

Don’t worry, Robert, many have felt the same. But like you, they also found their digital haven in the form of “electronic contracts and Evernote.”

While some found they occasionally need a few sheets for the odd note, the business community is pulling out the stops to ditch the habit. Look at Lewis Bishop, Realtor for Windermere Real Estate in Brentwood, CA. He encourages “other agents to push themselves to become even more ‘paperless.’” He’s acquainted with what feeds into the 69 million tons: “Agents print out a document to sign [and] scan only to reprint the entire document because they missed a signature.”

No fun.

Ready for the bright horizon: Business pros from coast to coast inch closer to locking in a digital solution to clear away the paper woes.

Proactive are these digital evangelists like Aliki Liadis-Hall, Director of Compliance at North American Bancard. She’s encouraging her colleagues “to use tablets to view and notate documents.” Likewise, Cindy Oyen, Realtor at Ameri-Star Real Estate Company, Inc. made a commitment to “use Evernote more” since it “cut down paper by 50%.”

Ready to plug into the digital way of business? Here’s the ‘download’ according to our poll respondents:

Audit Your Paper – Shock any skeptics by requesting an operations audit to gauge just how much financial wastage occurs.


Online Platforms – The market’s on fire with options ranging from Google Docs to Evernote. You’re a quick download or sign-up away from instantly streamlining the day-to-day.


Tablet, Anyone? – Consider implementing company wide tablets to encourage keeping all common tasks, like note-taking, document revisions, and communications, paper-free. Trial this out with one paper-heavy team and track the improvements in efficiency and cost-savings before rolling tablets company-wide.


How are you keeping it digital? The Cloud’s the limit, so share your time and cost-saving digital method in the comments below or Tweet us @DocuSign.