Growing up my father used to say that people have two ears and one mouth for a reason, implying people should spend more time listening and less time talking. First quoted by Greek philosopher Epictetus, I’ve always found this advice useful, both in personal relationships and in business.

Listening was particularly important when I started at DocuSign two years ago to head up industry marketing.

You see, DocuSign is used to streamline transactions in just about every industry imaginable. Insurance claims, loan docs, patient forms, wire transfers…you name it, DocuSign can help.

However, this broad applicability poses a real marketing challenge: how to solve customer problems across a diverse spectrum of industries. What real estate agents and loan officers transact is certainly different than what college administrators, police officers, VPs of sales, CIOs, and any other business professionals transact day in and day out.

My father would be pleased to know that DocuSign has instituted a culture of listening and problem solving throughout the company, particularly as we focus on industry-specific challenges. From large, heavily regulated industries to swiftly moving emerging industries, our customers and partners are at the center of how we operate. 

And our industry approach is in full swing. Not only have we seen great traction in key industries such as Real Estate, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Technology, but our customers are also learning more than ever from one another. 

Take, for example, the DocuSign Executive Advisory Council, where like-minded executives across a wide-range of industries come together to share digital best practices and prepare for the 100% digital future of business. These executive events have proven to be immensely helpful for customers and prospects to learn first hand from other executives in their industries.

DocuSign was also profiled in a recent Gartner research paper — Tech Go-to-Market: Unlock Customer Potential by Enabling Your Sales Team to Sell Vertically, where DocuSign’s industry approach is recognized alongside other impressive leaders in the space.

My quote in the paper is relevant citing here that, “Verticalization has been a huge part of our ability to grow at DocuSign. The tightness of the closed loop that comes with industry focus allows us to be more responsive to customers and ultimately more successful.”

The best part of all is that our customers have been more successful as a result of a customer-centric, problem solving industry approach. 

And the good news is DocuSign has just begun. Over the coming months we’re planning to dive more deeply into existing industries while expanding our focus on emerging industries. 

So listen up, and to learn more about Digital Transaction Management tailored for your industry, click here.