Customers are becoming more and more digitally savvy as technology permeates general culture. For businesses, technical infrastructures need to reflect this change throughout their organisation – both for staff and for their customers.

A Connected Globe

Will Hughes, Global OTT and President of Telstra, raised this point during his keynote discussion at DocuSign MOMENTUM 2015. Will noted that there are three billion people connected to the Internet today. Over the next five years we're going to see that increase by another three billion. When you consider the few decades it has taken to reach current levels, this predicted increase is huge.

Such an exponential increase in the number of people connected to the Internet means businesses need to react. Simply implementing a new technology infrastructure and hoping for the best is not the solution. Customers and staff alike are digitally empowered, whether at home or at work. They’re recognising the benefits that technology brings to their daily lives; whether it’s shopping online or signing for your new house, happiness and satisfaction is just a click away.

Viral Technology Adoption

Businesses need to recognise their employees are already digitally-empowered and enabled. So why not implement a digital business infrastructure (i.e. replacing any task requiring paper with digital alternatives, like Digital Transaction Management)?  You’ll likely to see viral adoption as more departments join in on the action. It’s the little things that count, after all, like digital on-boarding processes or digital transactions cleanly stored in a secure cloud portal. These are the modern solutions that make people physically smile are producing an emotional reaction which IT infrastructures simply cannot produce on their own.

Customer and Staff Satisfaction

With a fully digitized business, user experience for staff and customers overlaps. Staff uses digital solutions, just as if they were a customer themselves. The challenges that businesses face are better suited to be solved by who carry out the day to day; they can experiment with digital tools to work out new processes. If an IT implementation rouses a smiling face on every employee in a company, just imagine the delight a customer will experience.