Let’s face it our world has changed.  Meeting face-to-face, faxing, even emailing have become models of inefficiency that create a poor customer experience.  There is not much you can do to make an inconvenient process better.  We need to start recognizing that people now expect things to be more convenient.

Case in point, an Aite report highlighted that "42 percent of Gen X and Gen Y respondents said their bank would need to offer more convenient services and/or more robust online brokerage/trading capabilities in order for them to move more assets to their bank."  

What is convenient? Convenient, is:

  1. Mobile
  2. Easy
  3. Intuitive 

Intuitive mobile devices have untethered people from historic loyalties and have given them options like never before. Mobile has made it easier, faster and more convenient to do things and offers the additional benefits of:

  • Streamlining outdated process saving time
  • Increasing efficiencies saves money
  • Creating a better customer experience making your customers more loyal

“…your customers demand speed; fast easy processes…”

Technology has for a long time left the banking world alone, you see it in many of the outdated 19th century processes still in place.  In today’s environment of “on-demand everything” and mobile availability your customers demand speed; fast easy processes that allow them to get in and get done quickly.

“…get a loan on the books in 1 day instead of an average of 10 days …”

Increasing revenue is often about creating better efficiencies, removing obstacles that are inherent in a system.  If you could get a loan on the books in 1 day instead of an average of 10 days, that would allow you to have 9 additional days of interest revenue per loan.

“The same loyalties of the past no longer exist…”

The world did not suddenly become less competitive; in fact I would argue that technology has made it more competitive.  If it is easier for your customers to do something somewhere else they will.  The same loyalties of the past no longer exist; capture more business by creating a better customer experience. 

We have never owned our success like we do now; it’s all in the palm of your hand. Don’t let a minute slip as customers always remember the good. Push for mobile banking platforms and customer portals that secure their convenience and business.

Don’t wait another moment… 

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