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Your legal team knows better than any other department the importance of a defensible, consistent, and trustworthy process when conducting business digitally.

But legal is probably the internal department most adversely affected by the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of the paper world. They swim in contracts, releases, and consents piled high on desks and in banker’s boxes. Perhaps your team has spent the last two weeks following up on an unreturned acknowledgement from that exec who’s always traveling. Or maybe legal is constantly having to kick documents back due to that required initial on page 12 which everyone forgets.

Speaking of kicking documents around, every attorney is familiar with this song and dance when it comes to transactions.

  • Notify…the person or vendor
  • Acknowledge…the receipt of important material
  • Approve…content as opposed to first seeking formal signature
  • Collect Data…for legal scenarios that make or break the case
  • Sign…binding legal document that are enforceable in court
  • All in a Paper-Based Format…that wastes valuable time.

Add a spark of productivity to your mission-critical activities by taking away the numbing paper-based cycles. Do your business a favor and remove liability and ineffectiveness by deploying a Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solution within your legal department.

It’s easier than you think.

We are ready to give you a roadmap to quickly turn your legal team from chaos to calm. We've outlined a plan and itemized numerous legal use cases to help you achieve the most ROI as expeditiously as possible.

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