“I want to use my REAL Signature!”  – I’ve heard that a lot.  But, in the world of electronic signatures, any sound, symbol, or mark that you create, that is solely under your control, and can be applied to an electronic document showing intent to be bound, and would be tamper evident, IS your signature.  That said, many people say “Ok, but I STILL want to use my REAL signature…” 


Well, now you can get the best of both worlds – your handwritten signature as it appears on paper, AND the protection of the DocuSign Global Network! 

So, in this post I want to highlight a really cool feature of DocuSign Ink called the ’Signature Scanner’ button.  It is labeled a much less impressive sounding name in the app — ’Capture’ – and it lets you capture your ’real’ signature as you write it on paper using your phone’s built-in camera.

You get to the ’Capture’ function from the ‘Manage Identity’ view where you can edit your signature.  From there, a window appears with a line through it that allows you to capture a sample of your handwriting exactly to the scale you want by simply placing your signature on the virtual ’line’ in the app.  Make it larger or smaller by simply zooming in closer or farther away – it’s that simple!


Once captured, use the ‘black level’ slider to get rid of any shadows or other artifacts you don’t want, and click ‘Use’.  You will do this for your signature and initials, and once done, you will have your preferred signature safe and secure within the DocuSign Global Network.

There you go!  Your ‘Real’ signature more powerful in the cloud, the DocuSign Cloud. When you apply this signature, it becomes ‘clickable’ in digitally sealed documents, and will link to your DocuSign ID which is also safely stored in the DocuSign Cloud.