• 30%

    Reduction in operational costs
  • 1

    Million pieces of paper saved per annum
  • 2 days

    Instead of 12 days to settle contracts

Changing strategies: Putting efficiency and sustainability first 

With a customer-led approach, Jake Bromwich, the Managing Director of RAMS, aims to make the dream of homeownership possible for more Australians.

For over 26 years, RAMS has been thinking of new and innovative ways to help make their home journey simpler. “Home loans are what we do,” says Jake.

Every RAMS home loan centre is owned by a local franchisee. The business works to support the local community by providing jobs and opportunities. “We aim to find solutions for our customers– that’s what makes us special,” adds Jake.

This ambition led RAMS to partner with DocuSign. The business will roll out DocuSign’s eSignature software across its franchisee network in 2022 to digitise the loan application process.

Quick and easy interactions

Customers want to own a home or an investment property – they want to build their dream; as seamlessly as possible.

Currently when there’s an urgent settlement with a customer, someone drives to the city to collect the paperwork, takes it to the customer, gets it signed, then returns it to the settlement agent. An incredible time-consuming process.

“Most of our customers are self-employed, so they want to spend their time running their business, not dealing with a bank and paperwork,” he says.

The partnership lets RAMS get the funds to a customer faster. The company estimates document turnaround to decrease from 12 to just two days.  

“Our customers don’t have to be at home or work. They can accept the documents electronically, wherever they are, whatever time of the day or night suits them,” says Jake.

Further, the intelligence of DocuSign eSignature means a customer gets taken directly to where they need to sign on the document, and at a time and place that’s convenient for them.

“We expect to see an 8% to 10% uplift in productivity and efficiency,” explains Jake.

Our franchisees and home loan specialists are excited about this partnership with DocuSign and the chance to wow their customers when the documents come electronically. It's going to set us apart.”

Reduces chance of human-error

But it is not only about improving speed, it's also about improving accuracy. If there’s a mistake in the paperwork due to human error, the documents have to be resent.

“That won't happen with DocuSign eSignature,” says Jake. “The software will significantly streamline the process for our customers and home loan specialists.”

A future strategic investment

Investing in digital tools, such as DocuSign eSignature, will help scale RAMS and ensure that it’s future-ready. Jake adds that its introduction to the business was a “no-brainer”. 

Other benefits include security, supporting a hybrid workforce, cost management and reducing RAMS’ environmental impact.

“We use over a million sheets of paper every single year. That's a hell of a lot of trees we're going to save. I believe we all have a responsibility when it comes to the environment and sustainability,” says Jake.

“We need to protect the ecosystem for future generations. Our partnership with DocuSign will allow us to have a positive impact on the environment moving forward.”