Since 1987, 360networks has offered a full suite of services including VoIP, transport, IP and local access on its whole-owned fiber optic backbone. The company holds CLEC certification in 36 states and operates network assets west of the Mississippi, spanning 18,000 route miles to over 64-tier one markets via 108 unique POPs. 360networks VoIP services cover 70 million people in 1,500 rate centers.

Business Challenge 

The 360networks sales process includes non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that are signed by the prospect. Before the sales process can progress, an NDA needs to be completed and submitted. 360networks' NDAs was error-prone. Deals were getting hung up because the NDAs were the wrong version, inaccurate, incomplete or lost. As a result, the sales process would be stalled, causing frustration internally and externally. Extending the sales process also postponed turning a prospect into a paying customer—critical to the company’s revenue stream. With five to ten deals each week, the NDA process had become a significant and costly problem.

DocuSign Solution 

360networks' clients have readily accepted the new DocuSign electronic signature process. DocuSign is easy, intuitive and hassle-free. 360networks quickly tags NDAs for signature. Clients receive an email notification and are then quickly authenticated and navigated through the signing process in minutes from any Internet-connected device.


NDAs are accurate and complete—no longer impacting to the sales process. Internally, 360networks' contracting staff love it DocuSign and it is also being deployed in other areas of the sales process to accelerate revenue. Externally, 360networks' clients find the electronic signature process fast, easy and convenient.