Shannon King is a former teacher-turned-real estate broker who tours the country training and motivating real estate professionals in her popular “Road Warrior Seminar.” She has worked in real estate for more than 10 years and authored the book, 101 Technology Tools for Business on the Go, which includes DocuSign because the electronic signature technology makes it easy for her to close deals virtually anywhere.

Business Challenge 

Because Shannon is actively working as an agent as well as a broker, she juggles many tasks ranging from meeting with clients to writing up contracts, to managing her agents—not to mention traveling for up to 30 speaking engagements per year. In fact, 25% of her time is spent on the road. Shannon’s real estate business would grind to a halt whenever she was away from home—which was a problem, since she closes upwards of 60 transactions per year. She writes two to three offers per transaction, so that adds up to 120 to 180 contracts per year. Wearing her “broker” hat, she also reviews dozens of contracts from her agents.

DocuSign Solution 

Shannon firmly believes in using technology to improve her business, so she was actively looking for tools to simplify her on-the-go lifestyle. When Shannon heard about DocuSign at a National Association of REALTORS® conference, she immediately saw how DocuSign for REALTORS® could save time for both herself and her clients, and help her manage her business from anywhere.


Shannon now closes three of four transactions using DocuSign, saving two to four hours per transaction. As she posted on her blog, “Gone are the days of driving to meet your clients to pick up documents. No more printing and faxing of the contracts. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s life changing.” DocuSign’s mobile apps add an extra punch that helps Shannon win clients. “DocuSign saves clients’ time and stress from having to be in front of a computer to print, sign and scan back,” Shannon says. “We don’t have to have both signers in the same place at the same time.” To speed the process, she uses DocuSign templates that are preformatted and marked where every party must sign. “I used to manually highlight every place for signature, and even then, sometimes people would miss a spot,” Shannon says. “Now I can get a contract ready in just a few minutes.” Visibility into contract status provides further important benefits. Shannon now gets notifications of document signings on her Apple iPhone, so she can easily stay on top of her business on the road. Shannon also uses DocuSign for her rental properties. Shannon’s father is a roofing contractor, and after learning of DocuSign from his daughter, he now uses electronic signatures for his business as well. Shannon says, “I tell everyone about DocuSign because it’s improved my life so much.”