Tim Dunham Realty is a leading technology-based real estate brokerage whose speed of service is a prime differentiator in the local market. Using technology for everything from monitoring average email response time (less than one hour) to scheduling and managing home showings, Tim implemented DocuSign’s electronic signature solution and gained a day of his life back—every week.

Business Challenge 

A self-proclaimed “techno REALTOR®” Tim Dunham had implemented technology throughout his business to increase speed, cut costs, and enhance client service. Between his multiple monitors that increase performance, tracking his email response time, storing documents in the cloud, and much more, Tim ensures his own success and the satisfaction of his clients. With all this technology, there is virtually no paper in the office. However, for much of his career, Tim’s streamlined systems were useless in the face of the standard process of making an offer on a house: pen-and-paper, faxing, scanning, and driving across town to get signatures.

DocuSign Solution 

After learning about DocuSign at a National Association of REALTORS® conference, Tim determined DocuSign provided the features he needed to finally automate the “last mile” of the offer process.


Having used DocuSign for two years, Tim is extremely happy with the results. “I estimate that DocuSign saves me eight hours per week chasing signatures. I get a whole extra day back thanks to DocuSign,” said Tim. “And I don’t have to work weekends. I use DocuSign for all documents that require a signature.” Tim values the way DocuSign lets his clients sign on the go—anytime, anywhere. Tim’s exceptional speed and client service help him close a projected 70 transactions in 2011—many more than the average agent. In addition, Tim uses DocuSign as part of the negotiation process. “When someone emails an offer or counter-offer, and we want to make a change, it’s so easy to do in DocuSign.” The buyer or seller can easily initial the change and continue the process without messy strikeouts and hand-written comments. This helps eliminate illegible documents, further streamlining transactions. DocuSign has helped Tim close deals he might otherwise have missed. One time a buyer wanted to make an offer on a home, but as he was about to draw up the offer, he learned that there were two offers already submitted. In fact, one of those offers had already been signed by the seller. However, since the offer had not yet been conveyed to the buyer’s agent, it was not an effective contract—yet. Tim was able to write and send the buyer’s offer in minutes. Like many states, an offer in Maine isn’t final until it has been signed and conveyed to the seller. Because DocuSign sends automatic email notifications to all parties as soon as a document is signed, the deal was finalized immediately. “What’s most important to both my business and my clients is being efficient,” says Tim. “As the real estate industry standard for electronic signature, DocuSign makes that easy.”