Beschleunigen Sie ihr Geschäft mit elektronischen Signaturen.

The Total Economic Impact™ of DocuSign Australia

If you’re still printing, signing and scanning critical business documents, you’re missing out.

Learn why in a new commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of DocuSign: The Total Economic Impact™ of DocuSign Australia.

Cut document handling from 90 to 9 minutes

This was just one of the benefits Forrester observed when measuring the total economic impact of moving to DocuSign’s eSignature solution. Based on data from two blue-chip Australian companies, Forrester Consulting has developed a financial model to help businesses identify the ROI of transitioning from a manual contract management process to DocuSign’s electronic signature solution within your system of agreement.

Some of the model’s findings:
Beschleunigen Sie ihr Geschäft mit elektronischen Signaturen.

Speed up business

Internal process becomes 90% more productive when you don’t have to pin down busy executives for their signatures.
Mehr Zeit für den Sales durch Anwendung elektronischer Signaturen

More time selling

A streamlined sales renewal process contributes efficiency savings of 75%, cutting handling time from 30 to 8 minutes.
Save money

Save money

Operational expense is reduced by $14.21 per agreement – that’s a saving of $168,391 over three years for our two case study companies.

How can you benefit?

Business growth, process efficiencies, financial savings. Learn how electronic signatures, incorporated within companies’ systems of agreement, are driving real value for businesses.