Add signatures to PDFs

DocuSign makes PDFs work for you. With DocuSign, you can add your signature to PDFs and request others to add theirs. DocuSign is safe, secure, and binding, and you can use it from any location on any device. You upload a PDF and indicate where you need the recipient to add a signature. Then, the tabs and instructions from DocuSign guide them through how to electronically sign a PDF.

Benefits of DocuSign PDF signatures

Try DocuSign free for 30 days, and see the benefits of using DocuSign for PDF signature requests:

  • Recognizes and converts the fields to DocuSign recipient fields
  • Offers mobile, anywhere, anytime access
  • Provides encryption, which ensures that documents are tamper-resistant, and an audit trail, which ensures that documents are tamper-evident
  • Ensures instant status availability for any document, with the click of a mouse

Try DocuSign free for 30 days

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