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Salesforce integrations to make your life easier

Salesforce Integrations to make your life easier

Tired of wasting time generating quotes, chasing signatures, or copying, pasting and rekeying data? These five Salesforce integrations could change your life.

Over 150,000 organisations around the world use Salesforce as a growth tool. If yours is one of them – or if you plan to start using Salesforce in the near future – discover how the DocuSign Agreement Cloud™ for Salesforce adds a new layer of value in our latest eBook.

Streamline your sales contract agreement processes

The eBook walks you through the five DocuSign applications build on the Salesforce platform that will help your organisation do business faster with a better experience for both customers and employees.

Discover how:

  • To digitise every stage of the agreement process – from preparing and signing agreements, to taking agreement-based actions, to managing them over their lifetime.
  • The most popular DocuSign for Salesforce apps are helping organisations do business faster, with less risk, lower costs and a better experience for all.
  • Salesforce itself is using DocuSign to complete 90% of sales contracts in the same day; and 71% in the same hour.
  • How companies are using DocuSign CLM for Salesforce to go paperless and store all contracts and artefacts electronically.

Download the eBook to learn more about the five DocuSign applications that are accelerating agreements for Salesforce users.

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