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2020: Time to Build [On the Benefits Of] a Modern System of Agreement

In 2020 businesses rely on digital agreements more than ever to continue to serve customers they can no longer see in person. Business and IT leaders are examining their agreement processes to determine where and how they can be more efficient, user-friendly, and secure. And while there have been improvements year over year, the opportunity is still vast for firms to continue digitising, automating, and connecting their engagement processes.

Join this on-demand webinar featuring Forrester Research to learn about the state of systems of agreement in 2020 and discover:

  • How organisations are managing agreements lifecycles.
  • The challenges do they face and
  • How are they building on the benefits of a modern system of agreement?

Guest speakers Sam Higgins, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research and Line Larrivaud, Consultant with Forrester Consulting, along with Bethany Nyberg, Director Commercial Sales, at DocuSign will unpack the research and explore the role played by systems of agreement on the road to modernisation. Hear about the latest solutions available in increasingly complex environments to build business resilience, maintain operational continuity, and manage long-term risk today, and in the new world.


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