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Beyond Security: The Importance of Vendor Trust and Data Protection

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that moving to the cloud can deliver the resiliency, flexibility and cost controls businesses need to survive, and thrive, in the future. Unfortunately, the move to digital comes with an increase in security risks and of data breaches that can be detrimental to the very heart of organisations. Magnify that with moving an entire remote workforce to remote operations and the result is an exponential increase in things like data loss and malware infected systems.

To be effective, organisations need to fully trust the platforms and products they are using - trust that they work, trust that sensitive information will be protected, and trust that the provider has their best interests at heart.

Watch now on-demand to hear from DocuSign’s Chief Trust & Security Officer Emily Heath, Google, Okta and BPAY Group to understand the ways in which organisations are dealing with these security challenges brought on by the move to a digital world.

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