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Electronic contracts and electronic signatures under Australian law – the case for reform

We are increasingly entering into contracts electronically, whether this is via email, an app or the cloud. These methods are accepted by Australian courts as a valid, and by Australian businesses as a secure and efficient way of doing business in Australia. COVID-19 has highlighted an area of regulation in Australia where uncertainties remain: signing deeds, signing by companies and witnessing. 

Watch this on-demand webinar where you will hear from DocuSign, King & Wood Mallesons and the Australian Banking Association where they discuss:

  • What is an electronic signature and best practices on the use of electronic signatures? 
  • While increasingly common place, what are the specific areas of legal uncertainty when using electronic signatures?
  • Have these issues been resolved by temporary COVID-19 emergency law reforms?
  • What further reforms are needed and how can you help ensure such reforms become permanent?

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