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Embracing Modern Systems of Agreement – Don’t Transform Without It

In the age of the customer, companies across all sectors are awakening to the need to be customer-centric. This is fueling digital transformation efforts and countless customer and employee experience initiatives. But the ultimate goal is the same – create tangible benefits and improve business performance.


Join guest speaker Michael Barnes, Forrester Vice President and Research Director, and Andy Thiss, Commercial Director, DocuSign, as we provide listeners with insight into how firms are leveraging systems of agreement to enable digital transformation.


In this on-demand session, Forrester will highlight the key findings from a study commissioned by DocuSign to evaluate the maturity and automation of organisations’ agreement processes. You’ll learn how organisations that connect and automate the entire agreement lifecycle are:


·      doing business faster

·      at less cost

·      with less risk

·      and with a better customer experience

Also hear from Kedar Viswanathan, Head of Technology at Bupa ANZ, who will share how his organisation is creating tangible benefits and improving business performance by streamlining their agreement process. 


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