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Evolution of B2B Sales

B2B sales reside at the heart of a business, the intersection of companies and their customers.

Switching to remote work accelerated the digitisation trajectory, and now there’s no turning back—sales teams expect about half of deals to be purely remote after the pandemic, up from just one-third before.

Now, in an effort to adapt to the new reality of their work, B2B sales teams are prioritising digitisation and customer experience more than ever. The potential for technology to transform how sales teams work and how they serve customers is vast.  So, what sales practices will be trending in the foreseeable future? What should you look out for? Watch the On-Demand Webinar as we discuss sales best practices with: 

Ed Knott, Area Vice President, DocuSign

Phil Dawsey, Senior Product Marketing Manager, DocuSign

Lloyd Jones, General Manager IT, Hi‑Trans Express Pty Ltd

Ayhan Baba, CEO, MSA National

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