On-Demand Webinar

Future of Work 2020

Join us for a 45-minute on-demand event as we present the findings of our latest research ‘The Rise of the Home Enterprise’ based on the lessons learned from office workers over the past several months. We uncover an in-depth view into office workers’ experiences and how their employers had dealt with the challenges posed by COVID-19 and more importantly, what the future of work looks like for businesses and their employees.

No longer should the concept of work be tied to traditional ideas about the office, about working hours, or even about desks. The future of work is the Home Enterprise. We share insights that show:

  • How businesses reacted strongly to the challenges of COVID-19
  • The impact of sweeping change disproportionately affects specific demographics
  • Despite reactive success, there is less confidence in proactive planning
  • We won’t go back to the way we worked before & he opportunity is to go back to a better way of working

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